Ms Peppar Cyr  MPhil Candidate
Current Position

MPhil candidate in Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge

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Research Interests

My goal is to further understanding of neonatal brain development to minimize lifelong disability. My current project is examining potential genetic and EEG markers of dyslexia risk in newborn infants.


MPhil Clinical Neurosciences, University of Cambridge (2015-2016)
AB Psychology, Princeton University (2011-2015)


Arnett, M. G., Pan, M. S., Doak, W., Cyr, P. E. P., Muglia, L. M., & Muglia, L. J. (2015). The role of glucocorticoid receptor-dependent activity in the amygdala central nucleus and reversibility of early-life stress programmed behavior. Translational Psychiatry, 5, doi:10.1038/tp.2015.35

Hitchcock, K. E., Caudell, D. N., Sutton, J. T., Melvin, K. E., Vela, D., Pyne-Geithman, G. J., Abruzzo, T., Cyr, P. E. P., Geng, Y-J., McPherson, D. D., Holland, C. K. (2010). Ultrasound-enhanced delivery of targeted echogenic liposomes in a novel ex vivo mouse aorta model, Journal of Controlled Release, 144, 288-295.