Newborn Functional Brain Imaging

We aim to develop optical and EEG systems to understand brain function in both healthy and sick newborn infants and relate this to their behavioural state

The neoLAB is a formal collaborative group set up in 2012 between the Cambridge Centre for Perinatal Neuroscience and Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory at University College London (UCL-BORL). neoLAB brings together key individuals from across different specialities with a common interest in the developing brain. The clinical home of neoLAB is the Evelyn Perinatal Imaging Centre at the Rosie Hospital on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus. Opened in 2013, the centre is a unique neonatal functional brain-imaging unit. Funded by the Evelyn Trust, the unit is equipped with a physics laboratory and infant scanning room, designed to develop novel optical and electrophysiological imaging technologies to study the newborn brain.

From Research to Patient Care

We apply the best research to improve clinical care for infants with brain injury

Ongoing Research Projects