PhD Candidate, University of College London


Liam Collins-Jones is a PhD student at DOT-HUB as part of a collaboration with Prof. Clare Elwell. Liam began his time at UCL as a medical student before completing an intercalated degree in Medical Sciences with Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering. During his intercalated degree Liam’s research focussed on producing silicone models of breast tumours embedded in soft tissue for use as calibrating phantoms for X-ray phase contrast computed tomography. Liam began his PhD in 2017 as part of an interruption from medical school, and he intends to return to medical school to finish his medical degree after finishing his PhD. Outside of academia, Liam is heavily involved with two charities: Student for Kids International Projects (SKIP, and StreetDoctors (, a charity composed of training medical professionals teaching lifesaving first aid skills to young people at high risk of witnessing violence.