Dr Gordon Stevenson Computer Scientist Research Associate
Current Position

Computer Science Research Associate

Contact Details

Email: gordon.n.stevenson@gmail.com



Research Interests

The application of engineering methods to improve existing imaging and monitoring technologies. In particular I am interested in the development of new tools for real-time monitoring of premature newborns and 3D ultrasound image analysis.


Junior Scientist, Mirada Medical, Oxford, (2013-2014)
DPhil, Biomedical Engineering, University of Oxford, (2008-2012)
BSc. (Hons.) Computer Science & Physiology, University of Glasgow, (2004-2008)


Recent Publications :

da Costa, C. S., Czosnyka, M., Smielewski, P., Mitra, S., Stevenson, G. N., and Austin, T. Monitoring of cerebrovascular reactivity for determination of optimal blood pressure in preterm infants. The Journal of Pediatrics (2015).

Stevenson, G. N., Collins, S. L., Welsh, A. W., Impey, L. W., and Noble, J. A. A Technique for the Estimation of Fractional Moving Blood Volume by Using Three-dimensional Power Doppler US. Radiology 274, 1 (2014), 230–237.

Collins, S. L., Stevenson, G. N., Al-Khan, A., Illsley, N. P., Impey, L., Pappas, L., and Zamudio, S. Three-Dimensional Power Doppler Ultrasonography for Diagnosing Abnormally Invasive Placenta and Quantifying the Risk. Obstetrics and Gynecology (2015).

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