Consultant Neonatologist,
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Honorary Professor, Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, University College London (UCL)

Research Interests

Cerebrovascular physiology: we are interested in developing novel markers of autoregulation and exploring the relationship between cardiac function and cerebrovascular control in preterm infants.
Brain function and behavior: neoLAB is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Cambridge and physicists at University College London. The aim of the group is to develop optical and EEG systems to understand brain function in both healthy and sick newborn infants and relate this to their behavioural state.
Neonatal neurocritical care: I am interested in the challenges of applying best research to improve clinical care for infants with brain injury. This work has included developing an award winning regional service for neonatal neuroprotection in the East of England.

I have been working as a consultant neonatologist in Cambridge since 2008; during this time I have secured over £3M funding in grants and awards to develop the Evelyn Perinatal Imaging Centre, based at the Rose Hospital, which includes a dedicated infant functional brain imaging unit, and 1.5T MRI scanner. I have local active collaborations with the Department of Neurosurgery (Prof. Marek Czosnyka), Autism Research Centre (Prof Simon Baron-Cohen), Department of Psychiatry (Prof. John Suckling) and Department of Psychology (Dr. Vicky Leong) as well as collaborations with the Department of Medical Physics and Bioengineering at UCL (Prof Jem Hebden, Prof Clare Elwell), Birkbeck Centre for Brain and Cognitive Development (Prof Mark Johnson, Dr Sarah Lloyd-Fox), and Department of Neonatology, Copenhagen (Prof Greisen).

Grants and Awards

  1. British Academy/Leverhulme (with Birkbeck BabyLab, University of London), 2015-2016: TOUCH – Understanding the role social touch plays in cognitive development. £9.6k
  2. Rosetrees Trust (with Vicky Leong, Psychology), 2015-2016: Identifying neuro-genetic oscillatory biomarkers of dyslexia risk in neonates. £11k
  3. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (with UCL-BORL, Birkbeck BabyLab, University of London), 2015-2017: BRIGHT – BRain Imaging and Global HealTh. £640k
  4. Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust/Biomedical Research Centre Nurses, Midwives & Allied Healthcare Professional Research Training Fellowships, 2015-2016. £44k
  5. MRC Clinical Research Training Fellowship (Principal Supervisor), 2014: Behaviour and resting state activation in newborns. £130K.
  6. Sir Jules Thorne Charitable Trust (Principal Investigator), 2013, equipment award: Development of a neonatal neurocritical care service in Cambridge. £181K.
  7. SPARKS (Principal Investigator), 2013-2015: SAMBA – Study of Autoregulatory Monitoring in BAbies. £115K.
  8. Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (Co-Investigator, with UCL), 2012-2016: Fast optical tomography for imaging seizure detection in newborn infants. £887K.
  9. Evelyn Trust, 2013-2015: Evelyn Trust Research Fellowship in Perinatal Neuroscience. £164K.
  10. Evelyn Trust (Principal Investigator), 2012, capital award: Evelyn Trust Perinatal Imaging Centre. £315K.
  11. Action Medical Research (Principal Investigator), 2012-2014: Seizure detection in the newborn infant using integrated optical imaging and electroencephalography. £130K.
  12. Danish Council for Strategic Research, 2011-2015 (Consortium Partner): SafeBoosC – Safeguarding the brain of our smallest children. DK11.1M – UK award £26K.
  13. Health Foundation (Principal Investigator), 2010-2012: Neonatal neuroprotection in the East of England. £435K.
  14. Evelyn Trust (Principal Investigator), 2009-2012: Cerebral autoregulation in the newborn. £42K.

Selected Publications

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